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Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm | Sat: 9 am - 4 pm | Sun: Closed

Tel: (772) 600 8077

Harbour Bay Plaza, Sewall's Point, FL 34996


The RX-Local App is a convenient way to manage prescriptions, request refills, schedule pick-up & delivery. It also connects you to a great network of independent pharmacies, so that when you are traveling or "snow-birding" your prescriptions go with you.

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Sign Up

​Signing up with RX Local connects you directly to our Pharmacy. Once you have created your account and signed in, you can manage all your prescriptions on your Desktop Computer or from your Smart Phone by downloading the RX Local App.

About the App

  • Requires current RX number from us

  • It is Free

  • Set up reminders to take medicine

  • Request a refill right from your phone

  • Schedule a Delivery or Pick-Up

  • Text the Pharmacist

  • Access your prescription information



If you are uncertain or unable to sign up from home, we are here to help you.

Setting up the app takes only 5 minutes, so "pop in" anytime during our regular hours, and we will get you started and show you how to work the app.


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